Planting, sort of …

At the moment the weather is starting to improve here. We’re getting fairly tolerable daytime temperatures, although we are still getting a few frosty mornings. There are buds on the trees, a few small leaves and even, here and there, a little blossom. I’m not sure if Spring has yet sprung but it definitely seems […]

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More raised beds

As part of the ongoing process of clearing the allotment I decided to set up a couple of the other raised beds left by the previous owner. I picked two in reasonable condition and started clearing weeds. Then I found a use for all the packaging accumulated over the Christmas present buying marathon of November […]

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Tools and the allotment

All quiet for a bit, right? Well, I haven’t posted but things have been busy – busy at work, busy with Christmas and everything else – so not many posts recently. So, on to tools. Obviously, I have read all the recommendations on other blogs and in books and come to a simple conclusion. They […]

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Clearing the allotment – part 2.

More of the same – strimming, followed by covering with tarpaulin (or weed control fabric. Lots of covering up. By now I’ve uncovered one of the raised beds left by the previous allotment holder. Once again, out with the strimmer. Then I lined the inside with cardboard ad covered that with weed control fabric. Next […]

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