Lomography La Sardina with Rollei RPX400

So I’ve had the La Sardina for a while, it’s The Guvnor special edition if I remember rightly. As with most Lomography cameras it is pretty much plastic throughout.

Even loaded with film this doesn’t feel weighty in the hand and it fits in a coat pocket easily enough. it has two focus settings and a bulb setting but that’s about it for control. I like the look of the camera and it is easy enough to use, useful for when you’re out wandering around and want something you can drop in your pocket.

Even using 400 ISO film I underestimated the light this camera would need, something I have done a lot recently as I have got back into shooting with film. Then again, this is the UK so there’s rarely a lot of light anyway! Here’s a few shots.

Yep, the lens is not the sharpest, is it? Focus is guesswork at best and the end results are soft. I think the black and white film was a mistake too. Colour might have made something pop enough to distract from the lens’ failings a bit. I will give the camera another go, maybe with something a bit more Lomo loaded in it – I have a roll of red scale film around here somewhere.

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