Thieves, and work at the allotment

So I went to the allotment today and found I’d had a visitor. A thieving bastard of a visitor, unfortunately.

They broke open the tool trunk, you can see the broken bit below. Didn’t look like they took much, if anything. One of the benefits of having battered second hand tools I guess.

The other thing they took was weed control fabric. Yes, you read that right – weed control fabric. I had it covering two raised beds and the ground in front of the apple tree. Now, this was all pegged down and then weighted with broken paving slabs so it didn’t just blow away. Someone half inched it. Why? It’s cheap enough as it is.

Anyway, moving on from that. I dug over a couple more raised beds and added some more compost. This time I also covered up some more of the plot with tarpaulin, including recovering the space in front of the apple tree. I covered up one of the newly dug beds with the last of my weed control fabric too.

Just so I could feel like I am doing more than just covering stuff up I also planted one of the raised beds I got ready last time with some tulip bulbs. There was an offer on in the big orange DIY store to fill a bag with tulip bulbs for a couple of quid a while back so I figured why not? Can’t hurt to have a bit of colour, assuming they survive the cats from the houses behind the allotments and the foxes who are stalking the chickens on other plots. they all like to dig things up.

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