Archery this Winter

The traditional season for outdoor shooting is coming to an end in the very near future, especially disappointing as it has been so short. Many clubs will be left wondering what is to come from the traditional indoor shooting that is coming up. Given the restrictions on the spacing of bosses, and the fact that […]

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My Nemesis!

50m. How frustrating is it to shoot 50m? Especially with an 80cm target face. Here are my scores at 50m: WA 50m – 73 (from 6 dozen arrows) Short Metric I – 114 (from 3 dozen, then 228 at 30m with the other 3 dozen) Short Metric I – 138 (3 dozen, then 239 at […]

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Bow Stabilisation

So, the idea is that you get a long rod to move the centre of gravity of your bow to just in front of the riser so it stays stable. You get the side rods to spread the weight out so the bow stays upright. You get the V-bar and an extender to link it […]

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Returning to Archery

I’ve recently restarted archery after around 5 years off from the sport and it’s an interesting experience. First of all a little background. About 5 years ago I was made redundant from a well paid job in data analysis and struggled to find something new. Really struggled. In the end I started a university course […]

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The Diana Camera

Another review of the Diana, you say? Aren’t there enough already? Yes, there probably are . . . but here’s another one anyway. If I am honest, I went into this as a sceptic. The cult of the Diana has sometimes irritated me with vastly over enthusiastic reviews and some really bad photography disguised as […]

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Promotional prices on Amazon.

There are two basic promotional prices on Amazon – the ‘Free Promotion’ and the ‘Kindle Countdown Deal’. When I’ve done the ‘Free’ in the past I’ve had up to a few thousand downloads of my novels, but each time I’ve got less and less. Admittedly this probably has a lot to do with me doing […]

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The Yashica Y35 Review.

Yes, the Yashica Y35. The camera the internet has declared The Worst Camera Ever Made! So, first and simplest questions and answer – Is it the Worst Camera Ever Made? No, it isn’t. Seriously, did you never have one of this 110 cameras that came on a keyring? What do you mean you weren’t born […]

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