Promotional prices on Amazon.

There are two basic promotional prices on Amazon – the ‘Free Promotion’ and the ‘Kindle Countdown Deal’. When I’ve done the ‘Free’ in the past I’ve had up to a few thousand downloads of my novels, but each time I’ve got less and less. Admittedly this probably has a lot to do with me doing no advertising, largely due to a shortage of funds and time. I tried the ‘Countdown Deal’ once, got no sales and never tried it again.

So, I’m going to try a mixture of them. Tomorrow (31st) a couple of books go free, ‘Second Time Lucky?’ and ‘Sovereign Nation’. The day after ‘New Dawns’ goes on for 99p for a week and a couple of days later ‘Chasing The Future’, the sequel to ‘Sovereign Nation’ goes to 99p for a week. Hopefully the downloads of ‘Second Time Lucky?’ and ‘Sovereign Nation’ will get a few people buying ‘New Dawns’ and anyone who likes ‘Sovereign Nation’ will hopefully be willing to stump up the 99p for the sequel.

Has anyone out there (if anyone is reading this) tried a short term pricing strategy like this? Lets see what happens.

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