Bow Stabilisation

So, the idea is that you get a long rod to move the centre of gravity of your bow to just in front of the riser so it stays stable. You get the side rods to spread the weight out so the bow stays upright. You get the V-bar and an extender to link it all together. So, now you have it all your aim will be much more consistent because it will all stay stable, right?

Well that’s the theory. But, as the great Yogi Bera once said, “In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice but in practice there is.”

The problem is the weight all this adds. I put it all on my bow and now my sight is wandering all over the place because I can’t hold the bow steady thanks to the extra weight! In time I am sure I will get used to it but it’s frustrating to buy new equipment to help only for my scores, which were already low, to get worse.

Yes, I probably should have just started with a long rod and got used to that before getting the rest but: 1. I sold some things on eBay and got enough to buy a full set of (cheap) stabilisation, and who knows when I will get the chance again; and 2. I am just not patient enough for that.

What does it mean in terms of scores:

Before stabilisation – Short Metric (I) scores of 342 and the following week 377. Both ‘Third Class’ scores.

After stabilisation (the next week) – Short Metric (I) score 304. Not even a ‘Third Class’ score.

Practice is what I need, and possibly some exercise!

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