My Nemesis!

50m. How frustrating is it to shoot 50m? Especially with an 80cm target face.

Here are my scores at 50m:

WA 50m – 73 (from 6 dozen arrows)

Short Metric I – 114 (from 3 dozen, then 228 at 30m with the other 3 dozen)

Short Metric I – 138 (3 dozen, then 239 at 30m)

Short Metric I –  78 (after stabilisation added, then 226 at 30m)

Okay, my scores at 30m are not spectacular but there shouldn’t be that much change from 50m to 30m, should there?

Then the club decided to do something different on the bank holiday weekend and take advantage of the extra time to do a longer round – a Western. Finally, a chance to shoot at a bigger target! But it’s at 60 yards and then 50 yards, basically around 54m and 45m. This was never going to go well, was it. I scored 105 at 60 yards, then 181 at 50 yards. A total of 286. Given that I could overhear others discussing their scores and they seemed to be anywhere between 590 and 700, I suspect a wooden spoon may be on its way to me!

Then again, as I haven’t shot outdoors for about 15 years and, until the last 3 months or so, haven’t shot at all for a little over 5 years maybe I should give myself a break. It really is not too far from starting all over again, or just after the beginners course anyway. Yes, I should worry about the scores less and enjoy more.

50m is still my nemesis though.

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