Archery this Winter

The traditional season for outdoor shooting is coming to an end in the very near future, especially disappointing as it has been so short. Many clubs will be left wondering what is to come from the traditional indoor shooting that is coming up.

Given the restrictions on the spacing of bosses, and the fact that most clubs hire their indoor spaces from other people, the indoor season may just not be viable financially. I know my club are not likely to put much in the way of indoor shooting on – based on what I have heard the venue can take 3 or 4 bosses under the current rules, and they would need around 6 people shooting per boss (each paying a small charge) just to break even! Almost impossible with social distancing, but even if it were possible how long would it take to shoot a round with up to 6 details shooting!

So, what are the possibilities for the winter? Assuming that no really large venues start to. Be hired out really cheaply, there are only 2 real options: 1. No shooting; or 2. Outdoor shooting.

Obviously, option 1 is the least desirable. However, I think it is an option that many clubs may have to choose. Option 2 has possibilities, but also a lot of potential issues. Let’s start with the obvious one, the weather.

If, like me, you are in the UK then it is very likely you have done some shooting in the rain already. After all, ‘good’ weather just means less rain than normal and the occasional chance to get sunburnt – then rained on. Light rain is annoying to shoot in, but still possible to shoot in. In heavy rain, or during a thunder storm, you are best just running for cover and waiting it out – or, at least, waiting until you all realise it isn’t going to stop and you’re going to have to pack up in the wet.

Cold? Wear more clothes. Snow? Okay, finding lost arrows is going to be a problem so we need a metal detector. Low light? Yes, this will stop evening shoots. It’s even starting to be an issue now. But, there are still weekends.

Well, there are weekends if it isn’t raining, or snowing, or stormy, or the field isn’t already a mud bath, or . . . okay, there may not be too much outdoor shooting this winter but even a little has to be better than none, right?

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