More raised beds

As part of the ongoing process of clearing the allotment I decided to set up a couple of the other raised beds left by the previous owner. I picked two in reasonable condition and started clearing weeds.

Then I found a use for all the packaging accumulated over the Christmas present buying marathon of November and December.

Next up, eight bags of compost from a very cheap offer at the local big orange DIY store. It really was ridiculously cheap, hence eight bags.

So that’s two new (to me) raised beds ready to go. I may plant some of my bag of tulip bulbs in the small one.

I also realised it might be useful to be able to get to the apple tree on the plot once we get to Spring, so I covered up the ground in front of it.

The ‘weed control fabric’ is a bit flimsy but hopefully it will do the job. Hopefully the plastic pegs will keep it in place through any bad weather too – just in case I threw a broken fence post (found under yet more weeds) on top which should help stop it ending up on a neighbouring plot.

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