Kamera Baukasten (Vecco VC-20) with Agfa Vista 200

The Vecco VC-20 is a camera you build from a kit, which came free with a film box from Analogue Wonderland. Apart from a couple of springs it is entirely plastic, including the lens. According to one site I saw online it takes 10 minutes to assemble and a ten year-old can do it. That made me feel very dumb!

It isn’t especially difficult to put together but I would say a ten year-old would need some assistance and that ten minutes is wildly optimistic, at best.

I did manage to assemble it though, with only minimal swearing and no need to throw anything across the room – which makes it more successful than most IKEA furniture. The end result is very much a standard point and shoot, with a distinctly 90’s feel to the styling (which isn’t a bad thing).

In use it is simple, if you remember to open the little slide over the lens you are good to go. Then just point, shoot and wind on. You have no controls to fiddle with or worry about.

I loaded mine up with some Agfa Vista 200 and took it out and about, mostly in Twickenham and a little in Kilburn. Mostly I took pictures early in the morning before starting work, in low light where I shouldn’t have had much success at all. Here are a few select results:

I’ve got to say, I like it. It coped better with the low light than I thought and the lens is pretty good. Colours are good and focus is good too, especially for a plastic lens in a DIY camera. Being all plastic I can’t say it felt solid and sturdy but it didn’t feel fragile either. It’s light and small enough to go in your pocket and has a built in lens cover so you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched by whatever is in the pocket with it.

This will definitely get used again.

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