Planting, sort of …

At the moment the weather is starting to improve here. We’re getting fairly tolerable daytime temperatures, although we are still getting a few frosty mornings. There are buds on the trees, a few small leaves and even, here and there, a little blossom. I’m not sure if Spring has yet sprung but it definitely seems to be doing some stretches and warm up exercises.

So, after months of covering things up on the allotment, it may soon be time to try planting some things. Now, I am essentially a complete novice at this. In the last twenty-five years I have lived in flats with no garden, in fact I still do. My main experience of growing vegetables is when helping my grandfather in my, long distant, youth.

Seeds. What I needed was seeds. Off to the big orange DIY shop. This is what I returned with.

Seeds for peas, Brussels sprouts, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuces, spring onions, some herbs and a few things I won’t be planting – the big problem with multi-packs I guess. Plus some seed potatoes.

I also picked up some trays to grown seedlings in, after an hour or so of work I have:

As there are still some frosty mornings I guess that I am best off starting everything off indoors. I actually have no idea if that’s right but I guess I will find out!

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