Clearing the allotment – part 2.

More of the same – strimming, followed by covering with tarpaulin (or weed control fabric. Lots of covering up.

By now I’ve uncovered one of the raised beds left by the previous allotment holder. Once again, out with the strimmer. Then I lined the inside with cardboard ad covered that with weed control fabric. Next I emptied in the compost I had.

Yep, not enough compost. One trip to the garden centre for three bags of topsoil later . . .

Still not enough, but half full is a start. Of course, I got carried away at the garden centre so . . .

Senshyu Yellow onions, Radar onions and Thermidrome garlic. And a strawberry plant (£2). All (possibly excluding the strawberry) supposed to be good to plant now but I definitely got carried away.

The next time I went down I dug up some of the ground and used the soil to fill the rest of that raised bed. The soil is definitely full of clay an stones but it was a lot cheaper than the garden centre. Then I managed to find some netting at the back of the plot, it’s in a bit of a sorry state but it was free and big enough to cover the raised bed.

Looks better over the bed . . .

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