Clearing the allotment – part 1

There’s a lot of advice out there about clearing an allotment. A lot. Much of it is contradictory. I read a lot of it, from many blogs and a couple of books. Then there’s all the advice from friends and family, which again contradicts everything else.

So, I decided to go with what felt right.

The first step was to cut down the weeds. A petrol strimmer was suggested. I looked into it and realised that for he price of hiring one for a back-breaking weekend I realised I could buy a cheap rechargeable electric strimmer. Yes, it would be less powerful, but it would mean I could do it a bit at a time.

A side note: Despite suggestions from some, I decided to avoid the use of a rotavator – it sounds like a great way to spread the weeds around but not much more.

I also got some tarpaulin and pegs to hold it down. Everything I read said that the best way to kill the weeds is to cover them up for a stretch of several months at least.

So, I started by using the strimmer.

Well, it worked. A small area clear and cut back, a small (dilapidated) raised bed uncovered. Time to cover it up and, while I am at it, to install the sign I’ve made for the plot.

It isn’t a lot, but it is a start.

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