Sales and downloads.

In the past I’ve put up a lot of information about sales and downloads but recently I haven’t updated on the last few promotions – increased busyness in real life reduced time to post updates! Instead I thought I’d put up some total figures as they might be of interest. A bit of history to […]

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Sequels and where to go next.

My serialised novel, New Dawns Season One, is being released a week at a time, Sovereign Nation is out there, Chasing the Future was released a while ago, Second Time Lucky has been out for a year – so, what’s next? A Christmas story for New Dawns is needed to cap off the first season, […]

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New Chances Launch Results.

So I launched the first part of my new serial on Friday, New Chances is the first part of New Dawns Season One. I priced it at $0.99 / £0.77 and booked in three promos for it. It has sold 7 copies (and one Kindle ‘borrow’) since launch. Not exactly flying off the virtual shelves. […]

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Final free promo results!

Ok – the free days are over, the promos have run their course, it has all gone quiet. So, how did it go? The final download figures are below: Second Time Lucky (23rd to 27th September) USA 23rd 592 24th 176 25th 47 26th 42 27th 28 Total: 885 UK 23rd 6 24th 3 25th […]

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Promo Experiments

Ok, the promo experiments continue. As Bknioghts refunded me for the last one I’ve used the money to try things again, starting with a cut down Bknights promo. Here are the results: 05/09/2014 – 16:35, the baseline. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #145,121 Paid in Kindle Store 17:35 ad goes live. 06/09/2014 – 06:10 Amazon […]

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