Sequels and where to go next.

My serialised novel, New Dawns Season One, is being released a week at a time, Sovereign Nation is out there, Chasing the Future was released a while ago, Second Time Lucky has been out for a year – so, what’s next?

A Christmas story for New Dawns is needed to cap off the first season, then there will probably be a collected edition. The Christmas story will tie up most of the main storyline, or at least get them to a place where a pause is appropriate before season two. It will be somewhere between five and eight thousand words if all runs to plan, making the collected edition around forty-five to fifty thousand words long.

When I was talking to a friend about Sovereign Nation recently he said that he was surprised anyone survived it as I was killing off characters at a high speed, then I realised the sequel is similar in a way – lots of characters die and there is a lot of injuries. So, I want to do another sequel but I want to make it a bit less bleak, the Carters need to have some fun. I’ll probably come up with another novella or short story to carry on their adventures, a palate cleanser if you will, and then decide what comes next.

Then all I need to do is decide which of my dozen other ideas should be done next. Sci-fi? Fantasy? Romance? Thriller? Who knows?

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