New Chances free promo results.

New Chances went up for a free promo on Friday, the idea being that people would download it and then by the second part, New Beginnings. As a free download it was a success – 213 in a day. As a way to get people buying part two, not so much a success – no sales of part two. So next week I am trying running free promos for New Chances (15th to 18th October) and New Beginnings (16th to 20th October) with part three, New Homes, launching on 17th October. Will there be any cross promotion? Wait and see, I guess.

Chasing the future, my novella sequel to Sovereign Nation, will also be eligible for a free promotion again this coming week. Sovereign Nation has been a bit more successful so maybe it is worth putting this up for a free promo too? I will have to think about it, how to market a sequel is a new puzzle to solve.

2 thoughts on “New Chances free promo results.

  1. Don’t know if this helps, but I did a similar promo – I released a self-contained excerpt from my memoir for free in the hopes of garnering some pre-orders for the book itself. The free book has done astonishingly well – hitting the Top 100 Free in the Kindle Store in both the UK and Canada, and top 1100 here in the U.S. – but it was a good ten days before I saw any sales or reviews from it. I suspect a lot of people don’t get around to reading these free books for a while – and oftentimes, as I’ve read, they don’t read them at all. So take heart! You may still see results from the promo, just maybe not as quickly as you would have thought.

  2. New Chances hit number 1,232 in the Amazon free listings in the US and was number one in two categories (‘ Literature & Fiction > Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy’ and ‘Literature & Fiction > Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Christian > Futuristic’) with just a one day free promo so it wasn’t all bad by any means. Hopefully there will just be a bit of lead time until the sales for the remaining parts start to pick up. I am still hoping all the free downloads of Sovereign Nation will lead to some sales for Chasing The Future too. I am just impatient!

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