Christmas in November (and October).

Admittedly Sainsbury’s had the Christmas biscuits out for the August Bank Holiday weekend so you could argue I am a little late but it still seems odd to write a Christmas story now. Then again, if I wrote it at Christmas I’d be releasing it after Christmas – not exactly a great release strategy!
The final part of New Dawns is set at the first Christmas for the colonists on humanity’s new homes, hopefully giving a positive and uplifting ending to the story. The only problem is, how do you get into the Christmas spirit so early? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m trying but it just feels downright odd, especially as the past few days have been bright and sunny! I’m in London, October and November are supposed to be cold! We’ve got better weather now than we had during some of the summer, where’s the snow?
I guess I could put on the Christmas 24 channel but I fear that many TV movies may melt my brain. A Christmas carols CD? If they get stuck in my head and I start wandering around humming them it will make people think I’m crazy. Well, I guess I am stuck with just using my imagination – serves me right for writing fiction!

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