Final free promo results!

Ok – the free days are over, the promos have run their course, it has all gone quiet. So, how did it go? The final download figures are below:

Second Time Lucky (23rd to 27th September)
23rd 592
24th 176
25th 47
26th 42
27th 28
Total: 885

23rd 6
24th 3
25th 0
26th 1
27th 1
Total: 11

Elsewhere: 9

Total overall: 905

Sovereign Nation (26th to 30th September)
26th 197
27th 241
28th 220
29th 80
30th 162
Total: 900

26th 7
27th 7
28th 8
29th 2
30th 4
Total: 26

Elsewhere: 24

Total overall: 950

First conclusion – I really just need to focus on the USA as a market! Second conclusion – Bknights promos work better for free books than for $0.99, by quite a significant factor. Genrepulse’s Fiverr promo seems to be ok but doesn’t provide as big a boost as Bknights. I am unconvinced by Authorchathost’s Fiverr promo, they assure me they promoted the books where they said they would but I couldn’t see them and I didn’t see any uplift in downloads either.

All in all a massive success in terms of numbers though. Both books getting over three and a half times the number of free downloads they’d had in the previous year in the course of a week!

I think as a minimum a Bknights promo can be justified every time the books go free. Now I just need to see what happens when my new serial launches on Friday!

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