Amazon Kindle Free Promotion

On Wednesday and Thursday I put the second story in my series about the Carters up on Amazon for free. The theory behind these two day promotions is that most sales are on a Friday and Saturday, the free promotions move you up the rankings and get attention that translates into sales. So, what were the results? 28 downloads on day one and 16 on day two (22 and 14 in the USA, 3 and 0 in the UK, 2 and 0 in Germany, 1 and 1 in Japan, 0 and 1 in Australia), leading to no sales.
Does it matter that it resulted in no sales? No, not really. It is very easy to get obsessive about the numbers but the truth is that I’m just happy some people are reading it.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Free Promotion

    1. According to a lot of sites out there Friday and Saturday are the best days for actual sales. I’m not sure myself but the people making the claims seem to have done their research so I assume they know what they are talking about.

  1. I know some people who swear that making one book free increases sales in others. I have yet to see that happen too, but I’ll keep Friday-Saturday sales in mind!

    1. I guess what I should try is a free promotion of the first Carters book, Sovereign Nation, to see if it gets sales on the second as I have heard elsewhere that it can work like that. At the moment I have used up all the promo days for Sovereign Nation so it will have to wait to be tested.

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