Promoting Your Book For Free

How to promote a book on a budget of zero? Well, so far that is pretty much what I have been doing so here we go.

I should say that I did try one paid promotion – the Awesome Gang $10 promotion – and got exactly 2 sales for the 2 days it ran. One of those was a sale to my brother who was going to buy the book anyway. Others may have had more luck with this but it has done nothing for me.

So, free promotion. Simple. I have just used Facebook. There are a lot of groups on Facebook for people looking for free/cheap ebooks, in my most recent free promotion I posted to around 20 of them and got 44 downloads in 48 hours. I set up an advert (the same one I posted on here) and just posted it on each one, it took about 20 minutes each day. However, one quick suggestion – look up the groups and join them a few days beforehand as it can take a day or two for your membership of the group to be approved.

I am sure there are many more such sites out there (e.g. Pixel of Ink) that could be used but I have yet to discover them. In the meantime I will continue to use Facebook, it is free and through these groups my advert can go out to thousands of potential readers. Does anyone out there know of any other good sites for this?

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