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JUST PUBLISHED & FREE WEDNESDAY 23rd THURSDAY 24th JULY! Out now, the sequel to Sovereign Nation – Chasing The Future by C. T. Brown: The future – Is the future of weapons technology hidden inside a flintlock pistol that once belonged to Benedict Arnold? The future – Will the Americans or the Chinese find the secret behind the gun? The future – Is there a future for the Royal British Protectorate, the secret intelligence organisation that employs Bel and Emily Carter? The future – How long can the Carters push their luck in such a dangerous line of work? The chase is on across America and Europe, who will win and who will survive? USA – UK – (Also available in other countries’ Amazon Kindle Stores.) *** Now at bargain prices – the novel Sovereign Nation and the novella Second Time Lucky, both by C. T. Brown, are available in Amazon Kindle Stores worldwide. *** Sovereign Nation By C. T. Brown Belinus and Emily Carter – one a ridiculed History Professor at an obscure University and the other a covert government agent – happily married but seemingly unable to avoid falling into one dangerous situation after another. The search for the tomb of a legendary King of Britain begins but this is a discovery that could derail the plans of the mysterious Sovereignty Council. Plans that could kill the Carters and have massive repurcussions for the whole country. Can the Carters stop the Sovereignty Council? What is so important about the tomb of Britain’s legendary first King? will Britain ever be the same again? USA – UK – (Also available in other countries’ Amazon Kindle Stores.) *** Second Time Lucky? By C. T. Brown ‘Second Time Lucky?’ tells the story of a university student whose finds his girfriend dead in an alley in Soho, bad luck on it’s own but worse when he is still the prime suspect in the unsolved murder of his previous girlfriend – will he be any luckier second time around and actually find out who did it before the Police pin two murders on him? With a cast of quirky and occasionally psychopathic denizens of London’s underworld around to help and/or hinder him our hero has his work cut out. US – UK – (Also available in other countries’ Amazon Kindle Stores.) ***

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