Word counts.

Ok, so I have just published my second book in The Carters series and I’m trying some promotion on it – more on that once I see what the results are. What I thought I would share is the progress in writing it, obviously everything was delayed and messed with by various issues but here we go. Below are the word counts by date.

28/10/2013 6,276 words.
29/10/2013 6,600 words.
30/10/2013 8,251 words.
04/11/2013 10,428 words.
05/11/2013 13,210 words.
12/11/2013 13.648 words.
18/11/2013 14,207 words (added in editing previous work).
22/01/2014 15,929 words.
10/02/2014 16,197 words.
25/02/2014 17,264 words.
08/05/2014 17,981 words.
08/06/2014 18,594 words.
19/06/2014 19,688 words.
01/07/2014 19,160 words (a drop due to realising I was writing myself into a corner and cutting a large chunk out).
08/07/2014 21,889 words.

Some big gaps there, for some good reasons. Started well, around 14,000 words in the first 3 weeks – hopefully progress will be more like that on my next work!

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