No, not the Channel 4 TV show beloved of students everywhere but a Kindle Countdown Deal on Sovereign Nation AND a free book promotion of Second Time Lucky. Hopefully it will result in a couple of hundred thousand sales of Sovereign Nation and I’ll be the next Lee Child! or, at least, as rich as Lee Child would be nice! Ok, it is pretty unlikely but some sales would be good so I will have to wait and see how it goes.

For Sovereign Nation I am going to set up the Kindle Countdown Deal to run from 4th April at midnight (PST) to 10th April at 11pm in the USA and 31st March at midnight to 11pm on 6th April on Amazon.co.uk. Second Time Lucky will be free from 4th to the 8th of April in the UK and the USA to celebrate my birthday on 6th April!

The key to sales on Amazon according to most of what I’ve heard is reviews, especially reviews from Amazon’s top ranked reviewers. So I have tried an experiment. Review copies have gone out to people who have written reviews I agree with or like on books in the same genre as Sovereign Nation – with any luck I will get some reviews through soon . . . hopefully better ones than the second review that went up on Amazon recently too!

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