Coffee and photography, part 2.

Well I tried some more caffenol developing and got some good results, although my impatience to dry the negatives led to some scratching! The hurry was due to the same reason for the delay in posting about it, I went on holiday – I still am on holiday in fact so hopefully uploading this from the iPad will work.

The shot at Camden Lock and the back of the signpost are both from Ilford Delta 3200, the other two black and white shots from a roll of Adox Silvermax 100. The fisheye shot is from a roll of Lomography 800 colour film that’s been sitting around for 18 months, a first attempt at colour film in caffenol that has turned out pretty well.

I used the recipe below, made up to one litre, and reused the liquids (caffenol and fixer) for each film (Adox first, then Ilford and finally Lomo).

1/2 tsp Vitamin C powder.
6 tsp Washing Soda Crystals (Robert Dyas)
9 1/2 tsp Coffee
1/2 tsp iodised salt
Diluted to 1 litre.

(11 minutes for the Adox, 12 for the Ilford, 15 for the Lomo) in the developer (agitated for 30 seconds then 3 inversions a minute). Water stop bath, fill and agitate for 1 minute then repeat. Fixer for 5 minutes. Water wash – fill and invert 5 times, then again but 10 inversions and again but 20 times.

Brands used:
Ilford rapid fixer.
Cerebos iodised table salt.
Holland and Barrett pure vitamin c powder.
Nescafé gold blend coffee.
Homecare essentials soda crystals.






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