Coffee and Photography.

While I’m sure a lot of late night photo shoots are fueled by coffee that’s not what this is about, I don’t even drink coffee. However, I will use it to create the magic potion that is Caffenol!

What is caffenol I hear you ask? Well, I hope you ask. It is a developer for black and white film you can make yourself. At least, that is what I had heard. So, I got together the ingredients – Coffee, Washing Soda and powdered Vitamin C (search online for the Caffenol Cookbook for the appropriate recipes) and the associated equipment to do home developing (check out the many websites devoted to the process for more details, they know way more than I do).

My first attempt was yesterday, done quickly and without much accuracy, on a roll of Adox Silvermax ISO 100. Shockingly I got some useable negatives, some much better than others as I think I overdid the Washing Soda, but useable none the less. The better results are below, more film await developing experiments today.








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