Well here we are again, another update without much to update you on. I’m still looking for work and not having a lot of luck – December and January are terrible for job hunting anyway but things are not much better now, there are so many of us looking for work that employers can afford to be incredibly specific about what they want and still have plenty of candidates to choose from. If anyone out there wants to offer me a massive publishing deal or a six figure sum for the movie rights to my work, now is the time.

The job searching hasn’t been the only thing taking precedence over writing though. Last year my mother-in-law had a recurrence of the cancer everyone thought she had beaten six years ago, since then my wife and I along with my wife’s siblings and other relatives have been caring for her through the illness. Unfortunately, despite everything everyone tried to do, she passed away a few weeks ago – she was a wonderful woman and will be dearly missed by many people. I won’t go into the details (some things should remain private) but there has been plenty going on that is more important than writing – however, all of this has made me more determined than ever that I should work toward my dreams while I have the chance.

As it stands I am around 17,000 words into the second novel about the Carters, now I intend to get back moving on it – expect more news this year.

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