First of all an explanation for the recent lack of posts, the main reason can be summed up in the word ‘redundancy’. I was made redundant at the end of November so spent a lot of December sorting out the paperwork and so on. I’m still looking for something new so finger crossed it will come up soon.

Now a Giveaway update. In total 478 people entered, the winners have been notified and their copies of Sovereign Nation are on their way as we speak. All the winners were in the US.

Sovereign Nation and Second Time Lucky were both free on Kindle from 26th to 30th December, total downloads below (Sovereign Nation first, then Second Time Lucky):
amazon.co.uk 3, 4
amazon.com 35, 23
amazon.fr 0, 1
amazon.it 2, 0
amazon.ca 2, 1
amazon.com.br 1, 1
amazon.com.au 1, 0
Total 44, 30

A few new countries in there, all good!

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