Bank Holiday alotmenteering, part 1.

First day at the allotment this weekend was hot, sunny and exhausting, the second day was just as exhausting but much greyer. For the moment, here’s the update from day one.

I went in with a lot of ideas and a whole list of jobs, all waaaaaaay over ambitious. Once I realised how much work was involved and how knackered I am from my week at work they all got scaled back.

First things first, not much sign of any of the cabbage and leek seeds I planted doing anything much. So, in the remainder of that bed I planted out some lettuces and broccoli.

Next up, finding a home for the tomato plants. I had a raised bed that was half empty so that was easily solved. I also added a cheap strawberry plant from the big orange diy store, mostly because the other one I planted was long dead.

Checking on everything else I found the flower bulbs going well, the smallest shoots of potato plants, and the onions and garlic are still looking good.

The last thing was to try putting some netting up over the plants I put out today.

This was a horrible experience. The netting is impossible to use, it gets impossibly tangled if you just look at it. You don’t even have to look at it funny, a friendly look will leave it all snarled up. It was no fun at all and I am not even sure it will do any good, I may not use much of this in the future.

Next up, day two.

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