Bank Holiday allotmentering, part 2.

Day two. The good weather has disappeared, grey sky’s and light rain are the order of the day instead.

In the autumn and winter I covered up large sections of the allotment with tarpaulins and weed control fabric. Everything I read said this would kill off all the weeds and made it a lot easier to use the land.

Today I uncovered the bits I first covered up.

As you can see from the bits around the edges, it definitely caused a big reduction in the weeds. But there was still quite a lot of weeds to deal with.

Then there’s the soil underneath. Most of the section closest to the camera in the picture above is stones, lots and lots of stones. Stones and very thick clay based soil.

I did the best I could to get out weeds and dig it all over, then I used some old bed slats to mark out two beds (I ran out of wood for the third).

Once I was much more tired and achy it all looked like this.

A long way from perfect, I know. I did my best with the weeding but there is just so much I couldn’t get everything. As for the stones … I could be picking them out from here ‘til doomsday and still not get the all.

Next up, planting. First up, some chives and rosemary … and some other plants I am a little unsure of … in the smallest area.

Yes, there are some plants hidden there. Honest, there are. They are just really small.

Next up, the middle sized bed. This time some beetroot seedlings and some spring onion seedlings.

Again, yes they really are there. They’re just hiding.

Onto, the biggest bed. This time it’s mostly peas, carrots and Brussels Sprouts. Well, those alongside the weeds and stones.

So now the front of the plot at least looks a little better.

Have I planted all these out at the right time? Will they survive the elements and the wildlife? Will anything (except the damned weeds) grow?

Only time will tell. Watch this space.

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