April on plot 48

Not much work on the allotment this weekend, mostly watering really, but there is some progress.

To start with, the apple tree has gone from a few buds to full on blossom overload!

Really hoping for a good crop of apples, it’s one of the crops I am most looking for from the plot.

A few more flowers have come up in the flower bed.

Some tiny plants have come up in one of the other beds, presumably from the sees I sowed as they are in straight lines.

According to the ‘Picture This’ app they are radishes, however this seems a little suspect as an identification – mostly because I didn’t plant any radishes! I planted cabbage and leek seeds in that bed so my guess is the plants are just a bit too small for the app to properly identify yet. I will see how they’re looking next weekend.

There also seem to be some redcurrants growing amongst the weeds, which is a bit of a bonus. Also, some forget-me-nots in some other weeds – nice to look at if nothing else.

That’s about it for this week, next week I am thinking about planting out some seedlings which could be interesting.

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