Smena 35 with Kodak T-Max P3200

Okay, I will be honest … I have never got on with ISO 3200 film. I have tried and tried, but it just ends up going horribly wrong every time. It doesn’t matter about the camera, I have just never got good results from it.

So, when a roll of Kodak T-Max P3200 showed up I felt my heart sink. Time to take more grainy, unusable shots and waste another roll of film. I loaded up the Smena 35, with very little optimism and set off very early one morning. These are the pick of the results.

Well, I got more useable shots than I thought. Nothing Earth shatteringly wonderful but not horrible. They’re still way too grainy for my liking, sorry but I just don’t like it, but relatively clear.

I have to admit, it hasn’t converted me to high ISO film but it has cured my dread of it. Who knows, maybe I will find a use for it one day?

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