Day Two, Better But Slow Going.

Day two got a total of 10 downloads, 8 in the USA and 2 in the UK. Better than Day One but not exactly a rip roaring success, to use a publishing cliche.
So, what now? I put my advert on 38 different Facebook groups and a couple of Goodreads forums yesterday, today I shall post to most of them again. This time I shall use a new advert, hopefully a more successful one. I am also going to look at where else I can post it, the saga continues! So do the cliches!

– Update – I had a sudden brainwave, it may not seem much to others but it has just occurred to me – I am going to post the ad later in the day. Why, you ask? Simple. Most of my downloads are in the USA, surely it makes sense to only post once most of the USA is at least awake? Makes sense to me.

The new ad is below:


The new action packed thriller:

Chasing The Future
C. T. Brown

The future – Is the future of weapons technology hidden inside a flintlock pistol that once belonged to Benedict Arnold?

The future – Will the Americans or the Chinese find the secret behind the gun?

The future – Is there a future for the Royal British Protectorate, the secret intelligence organisation that employs Bel and Emily Carter?

The future – How long can the Carters push their luck in such a dangerous line of work?

The chase is on across America and Europe, who will win and who will survive?


UK –

(Also available in other countries’ Amazon Kindle Stores.)

Chasing The Future is the standalone sequel to Sovereign Nation and the second novel in the series about Belinus and Emily Carter – one a ridiculed History Professor at an obscure University and the other a covert government agent – happily married but seemingly unable to avoid falling into one dangerous situation after another.

Who is C. T. Brown?

C. T. Brown is an author, archer and photographer – at least that’s what I tell myself while moving numbers around on spreadsheets in my day job as a data analyst. Trust me – if you spent your days as a data monkey you would need creative outputs too, companies generally don’t like it if you get too creative with the numbers on the spreadsheets (it tends to lead to court cases, arrests and other such non-fun activities). I have been very happily married to my muse since 2010 and I use the word ‘muse’ because without her I would never have completed my first novel, she gave me the confidence to do it. I can be contacted by email at or through my blog (, all messages offering large sums of money will be gratefully accepted.

Praise for Sovereign Nation by C. T. Brown (currently rated 4.2 out of 5 Stars on

“… characters are very strong and … the story is filled with twist and turns so that you will be on the edge for the complete time you read the book. simply loved the story.” 5 Stars!

“… gripping story … the twist in the life of married couple is an interesting read. The dialogues are powerful … I feel that there can be a Hollywood movie on this work …” 5 Stars!

“… Bel is a history professor at a little known university and Emily is a female version of James Bond … I didn’t know which way the book was going to go … It is well written … Grab a copy and find out for yourself.” 3 Stars!

“… I thought the author did a good job with the dialog and the story was a solid action/adventure with interesting characters … I commend him on his the imagination to provide a well thought out story …” 3 Stars!

Praise for Second Time Lucky? by C. T. Brown (currently rated 4 out of 5 Stars on

“… I bought this book on an impulse but didn’t know that I will find it this interesting. It is one of those novels that when you start you won’t even want to put it down … reading this book made be a great fan of the author and is looking forward for other books from him.” 5 Stars!

“… the writing is full of surprising metaphors and quick, clever turns of phrase that speed the reading along … This reader felt as though an audio of the words on page was on, and a deep masculine voice from the Nineteen Forties dictating the action, like a film noir … I enjoyed reading Second Time Lucky? more than I thought I would …” 3 Stars!


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