Day One Free, I Didn’t Think That Through!

Day one of my second free promotion of Chasing The Future kicked off yesterday, this time trying making it free on Wednesday to Friday. My aim was to test out whether the theory that Friday and Saturday get higher downloads was true and whether higher free downloads lead to higher sales afterwards.
A good theory to test, so I thought I’d promote the book to all the Facebook groups I had used before and set everything going. Great idea. Except for one small thing I didn’t think through. I did a free promotion last week and posted to all those groups. Clearly I had got most of the downloads I was going to get from their readers, yesterday I got 4 downloads total. Maybe if I had left it a month or something new people would have joined the groups and I would have had more luck?
So, what did I do? Give up, crawl into a corner and cry? No. Well, not much anyway. I went on Facebook and sought out more groups, many more groups, groups with more members and put in requests to join them. 12 new groups joined and posted to at this point and, so far, I am beating yesterday’s downloads (only by one but an increase is an increase) and it’s only the start of the day for the USA and lunchtime here in the UK. Optimism, that is the key here I think.

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