Ok, things have been going slow. Being unemployed for six months definitely gets you down and destroys any motivation you have to do anything.

The Carters, Book 2 – Things are moving again, albeit very slowly. Looking like being a shorter book than the first but just as action packed and exciting (I hope). There are plenty of new locations for Bel and Emily’s plans to go wrong in and a new mystery to unravel. It may be a couple of months away from being finished but I am back on it at last.

Second Time Lucky? – Too long to be a short story but not long enough to be a novel, awkward. The question is, do I rework and expand it into a full length novel? I’m pretty sure there’s enough story there to do it but is it a good enough story?
What next? Once book 2 of the Carters is done and I have decided what to do with ‘Second Time Lucky?’ what do I write next?

New flickr update – http://www.flickr.com/archerctb/

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