Just got a new review of Sovereign Nation from one of amazon’s top reviewers, Barbara Rhoades – here it is:

Sovereign Nation
BY: C T Brown
REVIEWED BY Barbara Rhoades

Belinus and Emily Carter are happily married. The trouble with that is Bel is a history professor at a little known university and Emily is a female version of James Bond. I thought this book would be about the life of Emily doing her job as Bel went with her.

That changes when they were sent to investigate the tomb of a legendary King of Britain. OK, so I reset my thought to this being a book about archeology and a historical dig. But that changed again when political upheaval was introduced into the story. By now, I didn’t know which way the book was going to go. So, I reset my thoughts again to the political troubles.

As I don’t have much interest in politics, this last turn made the book harder for me to read and follow the story. It is well written; it is just not one of my favorite genres. It is also written in British English so I had to make sure the words I read were what I thought they meant.

Do Emily and Bel save England from total political chaos? Now I will never tell. Grab a copy and find out for yourself.

PUBLISHED at: Amazon, BN, and Amazon UK

All in all, a balanced and honest review I can’t disagree with. Hopefully there are more to come.

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