The Holga Digital, Part 2 . . . or accept things for what they are.

Ok, I know I’ve already posted about this camera but I left it with an uncertainty about whether I like it or not. I think the main issue is that I was judging the images the same way I do the ones from my Nikon DSLR. I was looking for precise focus, controlled depth of field and bokeh, sharpness, and so on. I now realise that is just plain crazy.



The Holga Digital, like all other Holgas before it, is a toy camera. It vignettes (a lot) when it wants to, it has a fixed (and uncertain) focus and aperture. This is a camera for sticking in your pocket when you just think you might want to snap a few images and want something fun and very light.


If you’re going somewhere for the first time but know you’ll go back this would be great to take along, snap a few shots and see what looks good – safe in the knowledge that you can always go back to take your ‘great’ pictures later. You may even get some fun, or even some really good, photos with the Holga.


If you’re going somewhere for your one and only chance to photograph the place, or event, then this is way too quirky to be your only camera for the day.


However, if you recognise and accept the Holga Digital for being a toy camera for snapshots – of which you will get maybe one decent shot for every five you take – then it is a fun camera to throw in your pocket. Take it to familiar places and you might get a few surprising shots that make you look at the place differently. All in all, I like it.

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