Changes, Part Two: Blurbs

Ok, so here are the new blurbs for the books. This time I didn’t post the new ones to Kboards, I need to rebuild my confidence before asking for any help from there again!

Second Time Lucky?
C. T. Brown

My girlfiend dead, murdered, lying in the gutter at my feet. Police could be here any minute. Time to leave. No way they will believe that I just got here, not while they think I killed my previous girlfriend. I’m innocent. Of both. Not that even my own family believe that. It couldn’t be proven in court but that didn’t convince anyone, especially not the psycopathic criminals I had to go to for help along the way.

This is not going to be a good day. Unless . . . unless I can be luckier second time around. Time to go on the offensive. Time to find out who is making my life a living hell and killing the women I love.

Sovereign Nation By C. T. Brown

Searching for the tomb of the legendary First King of Britain shouldn’t lead to anything but more professional ridicule for archaeology professor Belinus Carter. Instead he and his wife Emily, a secret agent for the Royal British Protectorate, are drawn into a political conspiracy that leads all the way to the top of British society. Fighting for their lives and hunted by the government of the country they are sworn to protect, the Carters and the Royal British Protectorate must go on the offensive.

Using the secrets of the tomb of King Brutus they will battle to restore the country they love and defeat it’s darkest foe – an enemy from within that threatens the very fabric of Britain and everything it stands for.

Politics, archaeology, mythology and espionage crash together in Sovereign Nation.

Chasing The Future by C. T. Brown.

A new substance, able to amplify the power of a battery or increase the destructive potential of a weapon, disovered by accident in the pistol of Benedict Arnold by a bad TV show. Strange for most people but just another day on the job for Belinus and Emily Carter. Loaned out to the US Governement the Carters join the chase to get to the source of the mystery material that has the power to shape the future.

The chase takes them across continents from the new world to the old and into ancient history and one of the most famous political and romantic liaisons of all time. Crazed cults, Chinese businessmen, hired killers and ancient booby traps all stand in their way.

The Carters return for another thrilling adventure in Chasing the Future.

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