Download Figures

So, I had a rough estimate in my head of total numbers of downloads of my books so far – around the 400 mark or slightly below. Then I realised I hadn’t done the essential data monkey task – create a spreadsheet! Formulas, conditional formatting, I could even try and work in a pivot table. I set to work and surprised myself, the figures are better than I thought. Here’s the breakdown.

Total Downloads (All): 600
Total Free Downloads (All): 585
Total Paid Downloads (All): 15

Total Downloads (Second Time Lucky?): 247
Total Free Downloads (Second Time Lucky?): 241
Total Paid Downloads (Second Time Lucky?): 6

Total Downloads (Sovereign Nation): 275
Total Free Downloads (Sovereign Nation): 269
Total Paid Downloads (Sovereign Nation): 6

Total Downloads (Chasing The Future): 78
Total Free Downloads (Chasing The Future): 75
Total Paid Downloads (Chasing The Future): 3

Total Downloads (All) – US: 445
Total Downloads (All) – UK: 102
Total Downloads (All) – DE: 22
Total Downloads (All) – CA: 8
Total Downloads (All) – IT: 7
Total Downloads (All) – IN: 5
Total Downloads (All) – FR: 4
Total Downloads (All) – JP: 3
Total Downloads (All) – BR: 2
Total Downloads (All) – ES: 1
Total Downloads (All) – AU: 1

Total Paperback Sales (Sovereign Nation): 14

More total downloads than I thought and Sovereign Nation and Second Time Lucky? are much closer in downloads than I thought. The USA is clearly the biggest market but I was surprised to see Germany sneaking in at third, especially as the books are only available in English. Adding in the paperback sales (only Sovereign Nation) I get a total of 614 copies out there, better than I thought.

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