More Free Promotion!

Well the theory was that free books on Wednesday and Thursday would result in sales on Friday and Saturday as many people claim they are the best days for downloads. It didn’t seem to work that way for me so time to try something else.

This time I am going to put Chasing The Future up free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Will the downloads be higher Friday than Wednesday or Thursday? Will there be any sales on Saturday?

I’ve submitted it to Pixel of Ink and I will post to my usual Facebook groups so let’s see what happens next.

2 thoughts on “More Free Promotion!

  1. Are there any stats on what kinds of books are being downloaded, genre-wise? I may have to try this as an experiment, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  2. Specifics seem hard to come by as I don’t think Amazon release them. I am going on what the general consensus seems to be amongst those websites I have seen comment on this sort of thing.

    I am just experimenting to see what works and hoping for the best.

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