Sovereign Nation

As of late yesterday afternoon ‘Sovereign Nation’ is up on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Its an adventure novel about . . . well, why don’t I just give you the blurb:

Belinus and Emily Carter – one a ridiculed History Professor at an obscure University and the other a covert government agent – happily married but seemingly unable to avoid falling into one dangerous situation after another.

The search for the tomb of a legendary King of Britain begins but this is a discovery that could derail the plans of the mysterious Sovereignty Council. Plans that could kill the Carters and have massive repurcissions for the whole country.

Can the Carters stop the Sovereignty Council? What is so important about the tomb of Britain’s legendary first King?

Will Britain ever be the same again?

The 5 day free promotion starts tomorrow but there has already been one sale in the USA so we’re off and running . . . ok, maybe off and jogging . . . ok, off and walking – but it is a start.

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