The results are in.

Well here we are, my 5 days of ‘free promotion’ on Amazon’s Kindle Store are over – my novella ‘Second Time Lucky?’ has shot back up to the $0.99 level. So, how did it do? 72 11 3 2 1

A total of 89.

It is a, very slight, improvement on the download figures for the sample of the story I uploaded previously which is positive. Given that I have no track record as far as readers are concerned and there is nothing else of mine for sale that they can read reviews for I don’t think it is too bad – especially as all those downloads are from strangers, I didn’t get friends or family to go on and download it at all.

In 90 days I can do another 5 days of ‘free promotion’ and by then I will have, at least, a complete novel people can use for comparison so hopefully that will help.

Now I need to get on to designing the cover for the novel I plan to release very soon (either this week or next). I’m not entirely happy with the cover for ‘Second Time Lucky?’ – it was a test run and I think I can come up with something better if I try.

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