Thoughts on returning to archery.

Tomorrow I go back to my archery club (2020 Archery in London) for my first shooting session in nearly 18 months after various things (i.e. life) stopped me going. I’ve checked out my kit (Hoyt Horizon riser, Samick limbs @ only 20lbs, although with a 32″ draw more like 28lbs on the fingers) and everything still seems ok. I’ve bought a new SF Archery bag for the kit as it will be a fraction of the weight of the Striker backpack I used before.

Although I have a stabiliser set up with long and short rods I am not sure whether to use any of them at first. After 18 months out will they make a noticeable difference as I relearn my form?

How will I hold up shooting for 2 hours? I suspect I won’t and that I will be done much before that, first time back I am expecting my shoulders to ache pretty quickly.

I guess I will find out tomorrow how it actually goes. My aim is to get back to the sort of scores I was getting before and maybe enter a few indoor competitions eventually, I wouldn’t expect to win any but I’d like to give it a try.

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