Jungle is massive.

That title, I know, I just couldn’t resist. So here’s the jungle (sorry, I mean allotment) on Saturday morning:

Really, really overgrown again.

Here are the beds I dug out at the front of the plot:

There are a couple of beetroot amongst the weeds, good luck spotting them!

As for the tool box and the composter, well they’re disappearing fast.

Then there’s the potatoes, onions, garlic and broccoli/cabbage beds:

Well, the potatoes are alright, still small but growing and likely to produce something eventually. As for the garlic and onions, well here’s my first harvest from the allotment.

Actual real things I have grown! Garlic. What about the onions I hear you ask? No idea. They’re gone, disappeared, no trace whatsoever. How? I haven’t got a scooby.

The apples are still going good and there are a few mini raspberries too.

As for my lovingly grown tomato plants and my strawberries … they’re under there somewhere:

I spent so much time hacking back weeds, I think I may have killed my strimmer.

So, what am I learning here?

This plot needed waaaaaaaaay more preparation than I did. It was left empty for several years before I got it and the weeds were just too well established. I need to do a lot of work on it and come up with a better plan.

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