Meanwhile, down at the allotment…

Away from the seedlings growing in my undecorated bedroom, we have growth at the allotment.

To start with we have rather a lot of raspberry plants and a healthy looking apple tree.

Then we have a few daffodils and the beginning of some tulips.

While the garlic and onions continue to thrive.

All looking promising so far, so I decided to plant more. I used an empty bed for potatoes and then two bags my mum gave me were filled with soil and compost – then more potatoes planted. Is this the right way to do it? Or have I just got carried away? I guess I will find out.

Meanwhile another empty bed has been sown with cabbage and leek seeds. Will they grow? Who knows. In a fit of over-enthusiasm I also threw in some tomato seeds next to another raspberry plant – this could be a mistake but the seeds were cheap so at least it won’t be an expensive one!

You may also notice a new plastic addition there.

My new composter, a recent birthday present. Not much in it at the moment but it will soon get filled and then we will see what happens.

Definitely starting to develop plot 48. Even more so once I get the seedlings down there, as I will need to start uncovering some of the plot to put them in. Progress at last.

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