Straightening Arrows

After much recently arrow bending I looked into how to straighten arrows. My first port of call suggested building a jig with straight pieces of wood, clamps and something to go inside to push against the bend. Had my aim been to snap an arrow in half then this would have been a great idea, as that wasn’t my aim it could be considered not to have been a success.

So I bought a tool to do this from Amazon. Arrow straightening tool on Amazon

It looks like a pair of pliers with the ends connected by a spring. The arrow slots in between the black pads on it.

The two pads on the ends of the arms hold it straight and, as you squeeze, the other one presses on the bend. Simple.

But does it work? I would say ‘yes’ but it’s a qualified ‘yes’.

Of the two arrows I tried it on, it straightened one but not the other. It will take out a small bend quite well, the arrow I straightened was pretty close to completely straight. However, the other arrow ha a dent at the bend and all this did was squeeze the arrow at the dent into a more oval profile. It was a big dent so I probably shouldn’t have expected more but it is worth remembering.

Is it worth buying one of these? Yes, it probably is. For the price it does a good job and will save a few arrows. Sure, once they’re straightened they will probably never be your best arrows but they will do for practice or tuning your bow.

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