Here we go.


Ok, so how do you start a blog?  Never having done it before I really have no idea.  After all, no-one is ready at the moment . . . and they possibly never will.  So, what do I say?

Well I am about to publish a sample chapter of a novel on the Amazon Kindle so let’s start with that.  The chapter is the start of a crime novel called ‘Second Time Lucky?’ tells the story of a university student whose finds his girfriend dead in an alley in Soho, bad luck on it’s own but worse when he is still the prime suspect in the unsolved murder of his previous girlfriend – will he be any luckier second time around and actually find out who did it before the Police pin two murders on him?  With a cast of quirky and occasionally psychopathic denizens of London’s underworld around to help and/or hinder him our hero has his work cut out.

Hmm, that might work as the jacket blurb for the novel – I knew writing this would be useful for something.

C T Brown.

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